Indigout is the brand under which Global Connection_Apps markets its own products based on its technological bricks, in fields as varied as security, maintenance management, service vouchers, smart cities, intelligent car parks, airports, etc.

It is also a showcase and source of inspiration for companies that would like to integrate the solutions developed by Global Connection_Apps into their own products.

Global Connection_Apps' aim is to provide concrete solutions, regardless of the brand under which these solutions meet the needs of their users.

In this context, Global Connection_Apps offers its solutions:

- under its own brand Indigout;
- under a 'private label';
- under a joint brand with another company

Logo of Indigout_Dati

In 12% of cases, victims are affected by permanent disabilities.

In the event of serious accidents, a lone worker is particularly at risk because there is no one to come to their aid.

Security is an essential part of running a business that is aware of its role in society.

The Dati module of the Indigout_OV solution enables risk management and contributes to the well-being of society, protecting people from harm or disability and avoiding negative consequences on the competitiveness of the company.

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Computer and phone showing the Indigout_Services dashboard
Logo of Indigout_Services

Indigout_Services is a solution for planning and monitoring interventions (for SMEs with mobile staff). The module allows you to create interventions from the platform and get feedback on the work done, including customer satisfaction.

It is aimed at companies employing individual service providers in, for example, service cheques or security services.

The deployment of planning and mobility solutions allows you to optimise the management of multi-trade response services in your organisation and in the field. Optimise the management of your operations and improve communication with field teams.

Indigout_Services can also interface with existing solutions such as ERP, CRM or CMMS.

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Logo of Indigout_Interventions

Our application allows the dematerialisation of orders, documents and intervention procedures.

Suitable for all types of field workers, it facilitates the organisation and execution of missions and improves operational efficiency.

Multi-device and ergonomic, it offers comfort of use for the activities of mobile staff

Indigout_Interventions allows you to geolocate and navigate, to consult the route sheet and the rounds, to have the workflow of treatment of the interventions and to have reports and capture of the times of interventions.

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Indigout_OV logo

Indigout_OV improves the efficiency of mobile workers and the traceability of interventions while validating compliance with safety instructions. 

It has two major functionalities: rreport and flag

1. The worker in the context of his mission has the possibility of writing reports with photos, videos or even audio comments. audio comments. They can also activate an instant video messaging service (optional). They are also required to quantify the progress of the tasks assigned to them on a daily basis so as to have a real time view of the progress of the work (can be synchronised with MS project type planning software).

2. This functionality, which is basic in the Indigout Interventions and Overview modules, allows its user to place remarkable "Flag" elements on its intervention sites, which can generate notifications in the form of pop-ups when users of the application pass near them. The supervisor can, for his part, visualise, via the table, the "Flags" that have been created on the site, consult the related information (comments and photos) and plan a maintenance intervention.

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Indigout_Checkpoint logo

Indigout_Checkpoint allows a security guard to make rounds and scan checkpoints from his phone. The application identifies certain areas where there may be anomalies and allows the creation of reports, which can be consulted on the dashboard.

The time between two tag scans can also be quantified. Indeed, the different checkpoints must be reached within a pre-set time. If the agent has not scanned the tag within the time limit, after confirming that no problem has occurred to the user, a report will be opened automatically to explain the reason for the delay. On the other hand, if the agent has not confirmed his presence, an alert will be sent automatically.

Finally, the "Statistics" section allows you to align the time between the different points in order to know the optimal time to complete a round.

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Image illustrating Indigout_Checkpoint

"A smart city is a city, town or agglomeration that uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve the quality of urban services or reduce costs"(Source:

This framework corresponds perfectly to the chorus of activities of Global Connection_Apps, which has naturally developed an application that takes up the useful bricks to improve the living environment of citizens while meeting the constraints and needs of municipal operators.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the urban context raises many fears, fully justified in the context of freedom and respect for privacy and personal data processing. As in its other applications, strict compliance with the RGPD underlies the development of Indigout_City.

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Indigout_Iris logo

Indigout_Iris a license plate recognition system used to identify and register all vehicles entering or leaving a parking area.

The Iris module allows for precise control of number plates and thus for increased security.

The Iris module is not only focused on car parks, but can also be used in all places where control and surveillance is required.

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Image showing Indigout_Iris
Telephone showing the Indigout_Easy Report application
Indigout_Easy Report logo

This simple and intuitive application allows you to produce a report on one of your services in a few seconds and to quantify the work done.

You can also take one or more photos and highlight a detail on it.

Your reports can then be viewed from the dashboard and exported in Word and PDF formats

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Custom logo

Custom's goal is to design ideal custom mobile applications in which we expertly revamp your current mobile application with customisable features, integrations and modifications.

Consisting of a skilled team, Global Connection_Apps creates custom Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications that incorporate all your essential and custom business requirements at affordable rates

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