Digital "business" solutions related to to the capture, processing and and restitution of data

about Global Connection_Apps

Are you developing digital business solutions?

The answer to more and more business and consumer needs is linked to Artificial Intelligence and data capture: pointing, guidance, geolocation, camera and image flow, temperature, movement, noise, biometrics...

This data is useful, if not vital, in many applications: worker safety, response management, smart cities, connected objects, airports, pandemic prevention, travel assistants, shopping centres, trade fairs and human resources, to name but a few.

What is your expertise?

The expertise of Global Connection Apps is to capture, process and deliver this data in the form of digital solutions that meet specific needs.

What about the RGPD?

Aware of handling sensitive data, Global Connection Apps pays particular attention to the respect of privacy, integrating at least the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

What are technological bricks?

In order to provide fast and efficient answers, GlobalConnection_Apps develops 'bricks' corresponding to specific technologies. Each digital application is developed by combining these increasingly numerous technological bricks. Each of these digital solutions responds to a specific business or sector.

Global Connection_Apps, Indigout or collaborative solutions?

Under its Indigout brand, Global Connection_Apps offers a range of specific solutions. Global Connection_Apps also brings its expertise through partnerships, with co-built solutions, or simply by integrating its solutions under a client's brand.

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